Support and load stable operation of the online shops for BMW Group’s merchandising and lifestyle products

The standard Intershop solution forms the technical foundation for the BMW Shop. In close cooperation with mgm technology partners as a solution partner, a high performing and load stable system was created that is integrated into the relevant logistics and payment systems.

Demands made on a premium shop

The merchandising and lifestyle products of the BMW Group that are offered on the Internet and the associated online shops (as direct sales channels) must boost the strength of the BMW brand as well as make a positive contribution to earnings. This results in the following quality demands being made on the technical realization and operation of the online shops:

  • Attractive presentation of product offerings
  • Simple and rapid navigation through the product range
  • Intuitive association and connection with the BMW brand world
  • High system availability and shop performance
  • Smooth commercial handling for customers.

All in all, users must be able to select and order the products offered online with superior comfort and ease on a 24/7 basis, while worldwide prompt product delivery must also be ensured. In order to meet these stringent requirements, the highly integrated IT infrastructure must guarantee smooth and load-stable functioning.

Responsibility of mgm technology partners

Joining forces with BMW Shop management, the BMW logistics units and the BMW IT specialist department, mgm technology partners has assumed the responsibility for the constant further development of the lifestyle shops. This includes the smooth deployment of new product information and data, as well as the implementation of additional extended functionalities within the context of the ongoing project.

Furthermore, stable shop operations are ensured in close cooperation with the coordinating BMW technical IT department and the BMW accounting center. The latter, as a stable 24/7 operation, is based on the application platform. The mgm services are rounded off by the necessary support required in the shops live operation.

mgm competence: Outstanding shop performance in a complex technical environment

The load stable 24/7 operation of a highly integrated J2EE application with downtimes measured in the per thousandth range calls for in-depth know-how of the particular speed and stability relevant aspects of the products utilized. BMW has opted for standard Oracle and Intershop products. In addition, the relevant payment transaction and logistics systems have been integrated into the customer specific processes. The interfaces are subjected to constant supervision and controlling by proprietary monitoring routines and monitors. Based on a defined service plan, regularly:

  • Functional interface monitoring is conducted,
    for example by testing complete ordering processes and events, and
  • non-functional interface monitoring is performed,
    for example by measurements recording availability and processing speeds.

If the tolerance limits are exceeded in the context of monitoring (an order process requires too much time, for example), the routine escalates and initiates the defined problem solution.


Thanks to the continuous optimization of the online shops with regard to availability, load stability and monitoring we succeeded in continuously enhancing availability and load stability.
In the year 2006, for example, the total downtime of the online shops amounted to considerably less than one percent – without necessitating the deployment of an expensive cluster solution. Thanks to these strengths, the BMW online shops fully live up to their premium claim, just like all the other products of the BMW Group.

* This reference has been officially confirmed by BMW.